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Stepper motor controller phyMOTION™: modular, compact and freely programmable 
freely programmable motion controller (PMC) for multi axes stepper motor applications 
The phyMOTION™ freely programmable multi-axes motion controller integrates high performance drive capabilities (multi-axes synchronisation and interpolation) with PLC functionality (I/Os, modularity, fieldbus) for stepper motor driven applications. 
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Technical Details

read more: phyMOTION™ product concept - the freely programmable motion controller for stepper motors


  • NEW: integrated power stages up to 120 V, 15A
  • NEW: Modules with Safe-Torque-Off (SIL 3 / PLe)
  • NEW: optional integrated power supply
  • 2 limit switches and 1 reference switch per axis already included (electrically isolated)
  • optional encoder  (ENDAT / SSI), resolver and temperature evaluation (Pt / K-element) per axis via sub modules
  • interpolation (per indexing module 2 axes circular and two more axes linear)
  • I/O modules (digital 8/8; analogue 4/4)
  • Script program administration
  • elegant, straight forward  programming with the free phyLOGICTM protocol and software (compatible to our well-proven MiniLog protocol)
  • Variety of HMI-Interfaces: optional integrated Touch-Display, external Touch terminal, BT5 AM operator panel or android Tablet via Bluetooth.
  • LabVIEW®-VI for phyMOTION®
  • NEW: EPICS driver for phyMOTION®

Host Interface

  • USB & additional selectable: Ethernet, ProfiBus/ProfiNet, RS 485, RS 232, RS 422, Bluetooth,...


  • Main- and intermediate supply module 24 to 70 VDC  


  • Bench, rail, sub rack or wall mounting
  • variable housing size (6,8,10,21 slots as standard sizes)


  • 1 Axis Stepper Motor Drive (I1AM01)
  • 4 Axes High End Indexer (I4XM01)
  • Carrier Module for APS Power Stage (INAM01)
  • Indexer Interface (EXAM01)
  • Digital I/Os (DIOM01)
  • Analogue Inputs (AIM01) 
  • Analogue Outputs (AOM01) 
  • Integrated Touch Panel (TPM01)
  • ...
  • Customised Modules
phyLOGICTM ToolBox
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