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Resolver for VSS Stepper motors of size 25 up to 126 
Resolver for demanding requirements 
Resolver (angle encoder) are used wherever the angular position of a mechanical element is required. They strengthen their position in many applications of the industry as a robust and cost-effective solution. It is less sensitive to eccentricity and magnetic stray fields.
The robust design allows to use resolvers also in liquid nitrogen (-197 C), in a high vacuum (up to +200 C) and in highly radioactive environment. 
Technical Details
  • 2 Resolver sizes for the VSS motors of size 25 to 126
  • Insensitive to magnetic stray fields
  • Nuclear requirements > 109 Rad
  • Temperature range from -60° to 250° C
  • Frequency 6 to 12 kHz
  • Primary impedance 94 or 115 Ohm
  • Secundary impedance 51 or 190 Ohm
  • Transformation ration 0.5
  • Inertia of rotor 1 or 20 g/cm2
  • Weight: 35 or 95 g 
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