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Stepper motors phyBASIC: 20 86 mm (NEMA 8-34) 
High precision, high torque and smooth running 
Our motor series phyBASIC combines the advantages of a price-optimised design with excellent operating characteristics.
That makes the phyBASIC motors particularly suitable for standard applications in the manufacturing industries. Good running performance, high torque and solid craftsmanship make the phyBASIC an excellent choice for environments up to IP 40 when it comes to quick precise positioning tasks. 
Technical Details
  • 2-phase stepper motors

  • Holding torques from 50 mNm to 7.2 Nm

  • Edge dimension from 20 to 86 mm

  • Number of steps (standard) 200

  • Step accuracy 5 % for 1.8° stepper motors

  • Operating voltage phyBASIC 20,28,42 (NEMA 8,11,17): 36 to 48 VDC phyBASIC 56,86 (NEMA 23/34): 72 VDC

  • Standard connection: 4-lead parallel

  • Protection class IP 40

  • Insulation class B, 130 °C

  • Insulation resistance 100 MΩ

  • Cable with mating connector included

  • Options / Customising: Gear...

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