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LA Linear Actuator 
For Applications in Ultra-High-Vacuum and Cryogenic Environment 
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Technical Details
  • 2-phase stepper motor, size 25 mm
  • phase current 1.5 A in the medium
  • motor voltage 24 VDC
  • linear speed 1.5 s/mm
  • linear stroke 13 mm
  • axial force: 10 N (with gear 30 N)
  • positioning accuracy <0.01 mm
  • operating temperature
    – cryo version:
        UHVC1: -196 to -50 °C
        UHVC2: down to -269 °C (on demand)
    –  UHV version (UHVS): -40 to +200 °C
  • dry lubricated suitable for applications in UHV vacuum up to 10-11 hPa, radiation-resistant up to 106 J/kg
  • features:
    – rotatory encoder with switching cam
    – linear limit switches for stroke limitation
    – temperature evaluation with thermocouple type K
  • option: with VGPL precision planetary gear
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