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Power Stages

Tactful movement: power stages keep driving.

Power stages are used in the driver unit to produce a current signal out of a directional signal and a clock signal. This sets the stepper motor in the desired rotation.

  • OEM power stage module
  • For 2 phase stepper motors 
  • Up to 5 APEAK at 24 to 70 VDC
  • Up to 1/512 step resolution
  • Up to 500,000 steps/sec
  • Online parameterising and diagnostic via SPI interface
  • Control via Control Pulses / Direction or via digital Sin / Cos (via SPI)
  • Compatible with our Arduino-APS-Shield
    • High-performance power stage, compatible with standard power stages on the market 
      (e. g. DSR 92-70)
    • Phase currents up to 9 APEAK / 70 V
    • Operation parameter setting: manual or online via ServiceBus
    • Different models available
    • Ministep power stages for mounting in 19" / 3 U rack
    • Phase currents up to 5 APEAK  / 10 APEAK / 15 APEAK 
    • 60 to 120 V supply voltage
    • Step resolution up to 1/20 step
    • Selectable phase current profile with current shape optimization
      • Bipolar power stage with ServiceBus. Prepared for wall mounting
      • Phase currents up to 9 APEAK / 24 to 70 V, step resolution up to 1/512 step
      • Operation parameter input by setting switches or via ServiceBus
      • ServiceBus for easy programming operation parameters, online diagnosis and maintenance, configuration by  PC software ServiceBus-Comm® , for Windows®


  • Plug-in 3U power Euromodule with Power stages
  • Integrated supply unit:
         115 VAC, 230 VAC or 400 VAC
  • Integrated housing fan and fuses
  • Stepper motor power stages:
             ZMX+ with 40/70 V motor voltage and ServicesBus
             MSX with 90/120 V motor voltage
    • Linear power stage for two-phase stepper motors, with 4,6 or 8 leads
    • Supply voltage +20VDC and -20VDC
    • Step resolution selectable from full step to 1 / 20 step
    • Mounting in 19'' / 3 U sub-rack
    • Compact unit with built-in stepper motor power stage and supply unit for direct connection to 230 VAC optional 115 VAC
    • Phase current up to 9 APEAK/ 70 V, up to 1/5 step
    • Permanent motor brake connector
    • Compact unit with built-in stepper motor  power stage and supply unit for direct connection to 230 VAC optional 115 VAC
    • Setting switches for programming phase currents and step resolution
    • Phase current up to 17 APEAK/ 140 V, up to 1/20 step
    • Permanent motor brake connector

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