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Movement with IQ: Drives transfer commands to produce results

Drives catch the signal of a driver unit faster than a traditional power stage. Accordingly, they receive no tact or direction signals, but rather "higher quality commands" such as: Absolute position "goes to zero". Such commands can be stored and called up again by a control unit for example. The direct retrieval of commands over a PC or over an interface on the device is also possible.

  • Stepper motor controller with integrated power stage for SIMATIC ET 200S®
  • For 2 phase stepper motors
  • 5 APEAK at 24 to 48 VDC
  • Up to 1/512 microsteps
  • Online controller parameterization and diagnostics
  • STEP 7® programming
  • Compact stepper motor drives with plain text display
  • Axis controller
  • Bipolar power stage, phase currents up to 9 APEAK
  • Dynamically optimised step resolution
  • Full step up to 1/8 step
  • Digital I/O for interfacing e. g. to a PLC
  • Compact stepper motor drive with
  • Axis controller , bipolar power stage and supply unit for direct connection to 230 VAC
  • Phase currents 0.5 APEAK / 70 V to 17 APEAK / 140 V
  • Processor controlled step resolution selection
  • Full step to 1/8 step
  • Digital  I/O for interfacing e. g. to a PLC

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