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With the Overdrive function, power stages enable motor independent compensation of the torque reduction when in the upper frequency range.


The phase currents decrease with rising step frequency caused by the motor's regenerative action. The amplitude of the current curve becomes lower and the motor loses torque. 

The Overdrive function counteracts this by automatically raising the effective phase current by a factor of √2 from a defined limit frequency (generating a step curve). This countervails the torque reduction. When the speed decreases, the Overdrive function is automatically switched off with a certain hysteresis. 

The input control frequency for switching on or off the Overdrive function depends on the step resolution:

Step Resolution

Input Control Frequency

Overdrive on at>

Overdrive off at <


1 kHz

0.9 kHz


2 kHz

1.8 kHz


4 kHz

3.6 kHz


5 kHz

4.5 kHz


10 kHz

9.0 kHz


20 kHz

18.0 kHz

The Overdrive function is activated by jumpers, switches or via the ServiceBus, depending on the type of power stage.



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