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Producing a variety of product series and customised soltions for extremle ambitious fields of applications as Space, particle accelerators, vacuum sites, industrial production and special machines there are always interesting news!

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Product News:

NEW!! Fly me to Jupiter! JUNO arrives at its destination with Phytron on board

About five years after launch the space probe JUNO arrives at Jupiter to provide mankind new insights of how our solar system originated.
We are proud, that our space qualified stepper motors are a part of this amazing mission!

Phytron GmbH – Certified under DIN EN 9100 for the Aerospace Industry

Since 29 January 2016, Phytron GmbH has been certified under DIN EN 9100 for the aerospace industry and has thus been added to the OASIS database of around 400 approved aerospace suppliers worldwide.


April 2014 - APS Arduino Shield with 24-70 V(DC) 5A peak stepper motor power stage 

The Bundle including the Arduino-Shield and our APS power stage opens the door towards high-end stepper motor applications for the Arduino community. With comfortable parametarisation, outstanding features and exceptional performance the APS-Arduino-Shield establishes the premium market segment for Arduino compatible stepper motor power stages.


2013 - APS stepper motor power stage 24-70 V(DC) 5A peak

The stepper motor power stage APS combines exceptional Features with comfortable parametarisation. With exceptional Features (e.g. sin/cos via SPI) the APS shows outstanding performance in surprising small size (40x60mm).


2012 - phyMOTION: modular stepper motor controller with integrated power stages for up to 18 axis.

The phyMOTION enables you to solve a large variety of stepper motor aplications within one Framwork. The freely available software and the open communication protocol keeps you flexible and provides the option to integrate the phyMOTION easily into an already existing PLC-environment as decentralised motion controller.


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